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The “power” song was one of the genius ideas that came out Nike and Apple’s collaboration on the original Nike fuel band. The concept was to make it easy for runners to quickly access a particular song when they need a boost of motivation to get through the toughest mile or to make it up one last hill. Several years ago I heard a presentation by Stefan Olander, VP/GM Nike Digital Sport, who shared that the most frequently played power song is Survivors’ Eye of the Tiger. I guess there is just something in those lyrics and that famous guitar riff that gives people the extra motivation to dig deeper. 

We might not have called it a power song but the same concept applied in college. It was a ritual among my friends to play Tainted Love before heading out on Saturday night. Not only was it a great song to dance to while we dressed, somehow the music made us feel more self-assured and ready for the gauntlet of fraternity parties.

I think there is also a big benefit to finding your go to power song for work. Music has the ability to move us, to reinforce our confidence, to give us a shot of encouragement. Who doesn't occasionally need that kind of motivation on the job? 

I have had the same work anthem for over a decade, Dive by Steven Curtis Chapman. I’ve got a long work playlist but this is the one I always seem to turn to when I need that extra boost. It is probably not a song most people even know but that's OK, because the point is that it speaks uniquely to me.

The words remind me to be courageous when I am tempted to stay in my comfort zone. They encourage me to take risks.  And because the first time I heard the song was when my son played it on his bass in a school production, it grounds me in the truth that whatever happens at work I have people at home cheering for me.

I’ve played Dive before big presentations.   I’ve played it before resigning from one job and before interviewing for another. I’ve played it when I had a really crappy day and when I had a really amazing one. It’s my go to for amping up my performance.

 Would love to hear from you about your anthem for powering through at work. 

My heart is racing and my knees are weak

As I walk to the edge

I know there is no turning back

Once my feet have left the ledge

And in the rush I hear a voice

That’s telling me its time to take the leap of faith

So here I go

I’m diving in, I’m going deep, in over my head I want to be

Caught in the rush, tossed in the flow, in over my head I want to go

The river’s deep, the river’s wide, the river’s water is alive

So sink or swim, I’m diving in

Steven Curtis Chapman

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