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Valentines Day is in a few days.  Do you love your job? 

According to HBR.org and , "59% of workers are physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted, and lacking in meaning and purpose."  Don’t we deserve better?


Fit matters! The global economy demands that people everywhere thrive.

People deserve to be engaged, stimulated, and seen at work.

People are healthier in mind, heart, and soul when they find fulfillment and satisfaction in their jobs.

Individuals who find the right fit at work also do better at home, creating more resilient families, less disease, more engagement, and long-term sustainability.

Companies do better in all ways (profit, performance, quality, etc.) when employees are right for them and, consequently, happy.

There is a place for everyone to work. An ideal company culture for one person might be intolerable for another since the fit equation is highly personal.

Work fit varies based on time of life, stage of adult development, and converging unique individual needs. There is no right formula for all people.

A focus on work fit benefits the individual, the organization, the community, and the world in general in tangible and intangible ways that are beyond measure.

My Co-Author, Moe Carrick and I are excited to invite you to participate in a  we are conducting as research for our upcoming book on finding the perfect fit at work. It takes about 10 minutes, and your answers will be confidential and anonymous. We will be presenting on the topic at South by Southwest Interactive in March, and will feature some of our findings from the survey there.

Oh, and the more, the merrier! We want to get at least 1000 responses, so we would be honored to have you share this survey link () with anyone in your network who is employed and who you think might like to participate.

Waking up to a job you love may even be better than an unlimited supply of dark chocolate!












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