Cammie has worked with some of the world’s greatest brands including Doritos, Yahoo!, and Nintendo as well as growth-oriented companies such as Home Depot, Embrace Innovations and Ace Metrix to innovate, shape their culture and customer experience and produce consistently better, more sustainable results.


Leadership Development


Cammie also supports leadership development through coaching executives and high potential marketers on the conditions needed to thrive—while integrating their organization’s unique culture, strategy, business problems and projects. She maps personal development goals to tangible action plans, allowing any executive or marketing leader to strengthen their skills and influence.​


Engagements include:

Brand Positioning


Product Visioning


Growth Strategy

Employee Brand Development

Customer Experience Mapping


Cammie is one of the most genuine, thoughtful and intelligent people I’ve met in my career. I was privileged to work alongside Cammie while she consulted with Ace Metrix, and having her as a marketing mentor and partner was a highlight of my tenure there. She supported me in a multitude of ways: offering advice, helping develop the strategy for successful revenue generating initiatives, ensuring that I explored all angles in solving a challenging problem, and empowering me to be a better leader.”


- Jason Zazzi CMO Ace Metrix

Brand-Builder  |  Speaker  |  Author

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